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Packaging and Numbering

Red Power parts are exclusively packaged in Red Power boxes. If you’re familiar with International Harvester® parts, the numbering system is the same one you’re already used to.


Specializing in International Harvester® Engines

Red Power engine parts specialize in International Harvester® tractors and combines only. This allows you the most extensive and complete coverage available for these machines in the market today!


High Quality Engine Products

If an engine is to hold up to the demand of many hours of hard work, then every component in that engine must be able to perform at the highest standard. Red Power engine products provide you with the ability to meet this demand through high quality and reliability. Red Power utilizes a combination of new and remanufactured engine components maintaining the same high quality standards for both.


Comprehensive Parts Coverage

Red Power parts coverage includes gas and diesel, 3, 4, and 6 cylinder engines, and older applications as well as newer ones. This comprehensive coverage includes:


Overhaul Kits – in-frame, out-of-frame, valve train

Engines – short blocks and long blocks

Cylinder components – pistons, rings, sleeves, etc.

Connecting Rod components – reman rods, rod bolts

Bearings – rod and main, piston pin, and cam bearings

Gaskets – head, conversion, and full gasket sets

Camshaft components – cam, lifters, push rods, gears

Crankshaft components – crank, gears, seals, bearings

Head components – reman heads, valve train parts

Manifolds – intake and exhaust

Injection components – pumps and injectors

Turbochargers – turbos, exhaust sleeves, and elbows

Lubrication systems – oil pumps and oil coolers

Cooling systems – water pumps and thermostats



Kit Pricing Flexibility

Repair jobs differ in many ways, which is why Red Power parts offer so many different types of overhaul kits. This kit flexibility provides you savings and ease of ordering.


Following is an explanation of kits offered:


Inframe Overhaul – includes pistons, piston pins, rings, sleeves (when applicable), rod bearings, main bearings, head gasket set, and oil pan gasket.


Major Overhaul includes pistons, piston pins, rings, sleeves (when applicable), rod bearings, main bearings, full gasket set with crank seals.


Valve Train includes intake valves, exhaust valves, valve guides, valve springs, and keepers.


Cam & Lifter includes camshaft and valve lifters.




"DOMINATOR" Cylinder Kits and Overhaul Kits

Red Power parts have an alternative line of cylinder kits called "DOMINATORS" that feature an enhanced piston design.

These are available both separately and in overhaul kits.


For high quality parts at competitive prices with comprehensive coverage and warranty, ask for Red Power.

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